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NOTE:~I really enjoy throwing Kalan into situations and giving her amnesia so she doesn't know who or what she is till later on.. Its fun... for me anyways... not so much for her.

The night was cold and it was bitter.  The wind howled madly and shook at the windows it hit in the distance.  Rain lashed down and attacked the body that lay there, motionless.  A female crumpled on the floor clung onto her rags as the weather bit at her porcelain skin.  Lying awake and weak the girl saw a dark figure coming towards her mumbling something she couldn’t quite make out.  They picked her up with no effort and carried her away into a large house.  The girl had no energy to fight back as she slowly fell into unconsciousness.

When she woke the young girl was draped in a blanket and she felt the fire's warmth.  Realising that the fire made her warm, she scooted a little closer.  But a hand held her back "Careful young Miss, if you get any closer you will catch fire" came a soft voice.  She didn't look back, she was so captivated by the fire that she nodded and laid back down and fell asleep.

The next morning the girl woke and then it all hit her.  She was inside, covered in a blanket and resting by a fire.  Jolting upwards she looked around, the room she was in was pretty boring, plain and grey.  "Where am I" she thought with a worried tone.

Feeling like she was in danger, the young girl curled up into the corner of the room and closed her eyes, praying that she was in a safe place.   After a while someone came in through the door and she hugged herself tight covering her face with the blanket.

"My Goodness.  Why are you in the corner? Please come by the fire, I have some food for you" came the same soft voice from last night.  The girl slowly unveiled her head and saw a tall man with jet black hair wearing black clothes and a tie, he was smiling at her which it gave her a little bit of confidence.  Hesitating she scooted back to the fireside where she was instantly greeted with its heat once more.

"I have prepared for you, a simple broth filled with vegetables and chicken.  This should help you gain your strength back." he grinned at her.  The young girl nodded and looked at the bowl he placed on the chair close by.  He had a feeling that she didn't want him to go near her.  "My name is Sebastian, I am the butler of the Phantomhive estate.  The Earl will be down to talk to you after his breakfast, please enjoy" he bowed politely and went to leave.
"Se-bast-ian." the young girl voiced.
"Yes?" he questioned poking his head back inside.
"Th-ank Y-ou" she said and bowed in return.

The young girl looked at the broth and smelt it.  She had one sip before she practically inhaled the broth in one go.  Curling back up, the young girl fell asleep again, the silver spoon gripped loosely in her hand.  When Sebastian returned he chuckled and removed the remains before gently waking her and warning her that the Earl was here to see her.  The girl sleepily woke and yelped realising how close Sebastian was and began to shimmy away in fear.
"Sebastian! You are scaring her" came a more demanding and serious tone.  "You, girl.  Do you have a name?"
She stood up and looked to where the voice had come from.  Hugging the blanket she nodded "Kalan...Master."  

A low chuckle came from both Sebastian and the Earl. "The term is 'My Lord'" Sebastian winked.  
Wide eyed and slightly scared Kalan dropped to her knees "I… I apologise my Lord"

The young Earl scoffed "Kalan, get up off the floor.  I heard that my Gardner found you on my grounds last night.  I am Ciel Phantomhive and the owner of this estate.  What are you doing on my property?" he asked, a little less demanding compared to how he spoke to Sebastian.

"I... I don't know.  I was falling and then I was here" Kalan said. "I just want to go home!" she added sadly.

"Where is that?" Ciel asked.

Kalan paused and thought. "I....I don't know" she said in a panic. "I can't remember anything"

There was a long pause before Ciel said anything. "Ok. Sebastian bring Kalan upstairs and prepare a bath for her.  You can't stay in those clothes and in that state.  You are a guest." he stated and disappeared.
"Yes, My Lord" came Sebastian's reply.

Once Kalan was clean, Sebastian handed her over to a tailor who spoke way too quickly for her liking.  She measured her up and fitted her into a lovely dress.  Sebastian and Ciel waited outside patiently for them to finish, they were certainly surprised by the difference in Kalan when the doors opened.  
Before, they couldn't tell anything about her age, nor her looks.  She was nothing but one dirty mess, but now, the doors were open and Kalan stood in front of a mirror, confused with the difference herself.  Kalan had a mass of dark brown tight curls and blue eyes that shone when it caught the sun and the dress she wore was a beautiful autumn inspired dress.  She looked about 25 as she turned to face the Earl and greeted him with a grin.

"My Lord, I cannot thank you enough for this, but I have no money to pay-"

"Don't worry about paying.  Take it as a gift from me to you" he said.

Kalan had learnt quickly some things from the tailor about how to speak to the Earl.  Since this morning, all her fears had melted away, although she was still a little bit cautious, the Earl had just given her a wonderful gift.
"Thank you my Lord."
"Sorry to be a bother, but the young Lord needs to attend to business in London today" Sebastian began.
"Let her come with us.  Maybe you can find some memories there" Ciel said without hesitation.

"Yes my Lord"
Okay so I found out how to do Literature on DA!
~There is me just posting it all in Journals! ~What a pillock!

I dreamt this whole story sequence about my OC Kalan

EDIT: Holy Moly! ~I have just proof red this and it is SO bad with grammar and spelling mistakes! Hopefully it reads a little better now :P
EDIT2: Omg. I found a good way of proof-reading now.  So its even better than before :3

Chap   1: Kalan in the World of ~Black Butler~
Chap   2: Kalan in the World of ~Black Butler~ 2
Chap   3: Kalan in the World of ~Black Butler~ 3
Chap   4: Kalan in the World of ~Black Butler~ 4
Chap   5: Kalan in the World of ~Black Butler~ 5
Chap   6: Kalan in the World of ~Black Butler~ 6
Chap   7: Kalan in the World of ~Black Butler~7
Chap   8: Kalan in the World of ~Black Butler~ 8
Chap   9: Kalan in the World of ~Black Butler~ 9
Chap 10: Kalan In The World Of ~Black Butler~ 10
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Minioma Featured By Owner Edited Dec 10, 2016
Wait, isn't Kalan boy's name? It's quite distracting.
Durzarina Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
No? I have always know Kalan to be a females name??
Minioma Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2016
I know Kala is female's name, but the last letter N just takes out all femininity and makes it sound quite masculine.
Durzarina Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
really? I've never even thought of that...? How does it take out all femininity? I am curious to know as I only see Kalan as a girls name ^^

I originally took it from Terry Goodkinds 'Khalan' from the sword of truth series as I felt it suited my OC but I took away the H obviously heh
Minioma Featured By Owner Edited Dec 12, 2016
Obviously, many English names have A at the end of a name if it belongs to a girl, however many boys' names end with a consonant, such as N letter. (There are exceptions, I know). But just so I wouldn't be pulling stuff out of my arse I Googled the name and none of the sites I found stated that Kalan or Kahlan is girl's name too.
Granted, in my country many boys' names end with A letter, (like Pekka, Juha, Reima, Esa) making them sound feminine, but that's avoidable due to the way we pronounce those names.

If it's from a fantasy book that's another thing. If it's a fantasy name, be EXTRA careful and think if that name suits Victorian Era. If your character is a noble, she better have a noble English name. Names from foreign countries can be exotic but you better be careful because people might get suspicious of your character is she is too different. Social rules, after all. They were a reeeeal nuisance back then.
Durzarina Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for bringing it up! ~Its something that never occurred to me before until now

I have been debating it all day with other people and it seems like it all depends on how you pronounce the name.

I saw Kalan as KAY-LAN where as most people read KAL (as in Callum) - LAN

how did you read it?

p.s ~I didn't want her to have a normal English name, I wanted it to be a bit fantasy-ish and I wanted her to stand out
Minioma Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016
Geez, I really don't know how to explain how you read this stuff. (I didn't study English as first language) Just by the standards that I know, I suppose I just read it KA-LAN, similar to Kevin.

Well I'm just saying be cautious. Too fantasy-ish names doesn't always suit with certain eras, such as Victorian Era run by strict social rules.
Durzarina Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh it is difficult to explain how you pronounce things....

But as I said before, thank you for bringing it up as I wouldn't have even thought about it!

But now knowing that its pronounced KAY-LAN
is it a little less distracting?
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